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Briar Rose by Christina Chung

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werkin all day so I can root for germany tonight!

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Set up a make-shift studio in my parents’ house! Back to work~

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Just updated my website! (using a temporary url due to technical difficulties)

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sketching in the subway and at Grand Central Station

by Christina Chung

05-31 - 1:29 - 16 notes

I’ve settled very, very well into summer. Still recovering from a semester of all-nighters (meaning I fall asleep anywhere, everywhere, all the time).

Taking a break from larger projects for now, though I have a few on the back burner. I’ve been doing a lot of sketching outdoors, which is something I normally don’t have time to do (scans to come soon). Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely summer sunshine! 


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Wild Lilies’ by Christina Chung

a month late now) the very last piece I did for my second semester of Junior year, a tribute to the brave protestors of the Wild Lily Movement in Taiwan, 1990. 

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Love Connection’ by Christina Chung

My very last illustration for The Smart Girls Guide, it has been an honor and a lot of fun to work with them!

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slaving away~~ been a landslide of all-nighters this semester. A few more days, a few more daysssss

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Very honored and grateful to be able to be a part of this year’s Student Scholarship Exhibit at the Society of Illustrators from May 7-31st.

Opening reception is May 9th at 6pm, drop by if you’re in town to see some amazing artwork from all over the country!


yes this is the newsI was waiting to share with y’all back in February!!)

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