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Time to get back to work.

08-28 - 17:45

Rameses by Brian Ye & Christina Chung

08-21 - 23:22 - 52 notes

Briar Rose by Christina Chung

06-28 - 10:44 - 54 notes

werkin all day so I can root for germany tonight!

06-26 - 6:53 - 17 notes

Set up a make-shift studio in my parents’ house! Back to work~

06-21 - 4:25 - 4 notes


Just updated my website! (using a temporary url due to technical difficulties)

06-16 - 12:28 - 1 note

sketching in the subway and at Grand Central Station

by Christina Chung

05-31 - 1:29 - 16 notes

I’ve settled very, very well into summer. Still recovering from a semester of all-nighters (meaning I fall asleep anywhere, everywhere, all the time).

Taking a break from larger projects for now, though I have a few on the back burner. I’ve been doing a lot of sketching outdoors, which is something I normally don’t have time to do (scans to come soon). Hope everyone is enjoying the lovely summer sunshine! 


05-31 - 0:45 - 2 notes

Wild Lilies’ by Christina Chung

a month late now) the very last piece I did for my second semester of Junior year, a tribute to the brave protestors of the Wild Lily Movement in Taiwan, 1990. 

05-31 - 0:42 - 22 notes

Love Connection’ by Christina Chung

My very last illustration for The Smart Girls Guide, it has been an honor and a lot of fun to work with them!

05-25 - 14:48 - 11 notes